Club development is important to improve standards, provide sustainability, and to make sure clubs provide the correct safe environment for players and coaches.

The Football Association Charter Standard Clubs Scheme encapsulates this philosophy by assisting and rewarding clubs for providing a quality experience for all players.

There are currently forty FA Charter Standard Junior Clubs in Norfolk who have shown strong commitment to raising the quality and safety of football in their clubs.

Fakenham Town FC achieved the FA Charter Standard Community Club Award in 2003. This is the pinnacle of the FA Charter Standard Club Award Scheme.

For a club to achieve the Community Club award it needs to have:
* Good management and administration procedures
* Codes of conduct for players, coaches and officials
* An equality policy
* A FA Child Protection policy
* To be able to provide a safe environment for children
* A Child Protection designated person
* Public liability cover
* FA qualified coaches in charge of all youth teams
* Emergency aiders: Each adult and junior team to have a qualified emergency aider
* A minimum of ten teams consisting of mini soccer teams, youth, adult and a minimum of one male/female team
* A development plan enabling the club to develop
* A soccer parent workshop
* A school liaison officer
* A volunteer co-ordinator
* A football development plan constantly reviewed and updated

Fakenham Town FC have achieved, and in most case exceeded, the FA requirements with a great deal of hard work and thought. We are proud to fly the flag of the Charter Standard Scheme, which proves our long term commitment to its players, parents, employees and supporters.

Fakenham Town FC is committed to maintain and improve its performance against these standards and to show the community that the club is a well-organised, safe and friendly place for its members, regardless of their age, gender or belief.